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Debbie Davis Testimonial

“ILI has been an answer to prayer for our daughter and for us. As a former school teacher myself, I thought that I would get to the bottom of what hindered my child from learning to read and process language. I knew and worked with children who were just "late bloomers". We tried many approaches, waiting for the "bloom". There was much frustration, tears on both sides, all for very little progress. We truly would take one step forward and two steps back at times. After much prayer and some encouragement from others, the Lord led us to ILI and to have our daughter tested. The results revealed what I knew in my heart. There were feelings of guilt over not coming sooner, and yet relief over someone finally seeing what we had been seeing all this time. The roadway leading to learning and independence finally opened up. Through the professional guidance and expertise of our ILI educational therapist our daughter is making huge improvements. She is about half way into the program. She is receiving the help that she needs to strengthen her weak areas and support her strengths, integrating them together. There is hard work for all involved. However, the success she experiences and we witness in her is worth

everything!” ~ Debbie Davis

Kate Spates Testimonial

“Our daughters have been in the ILI program for a year now and what a dramatic difference! Having the educational therapists work one-on-one with our girls makes all the difference in the world. The educational therapists are patient and intuitive, leading learning sessions and developing tools for our kids to learn HOW to learn. I owe such a debt of gratitude that words don’t do it justice. THANK YOU!” ~ Kate Spates

Drs. Dan and Emily Nelson

Prior to enrolling in the ILI programs, we had pursued several years of traditional therapy through the Special Kids Intervention Program at Loma Linda University as well as public school speech therapy. These efforts did not begin to achieve the success that the ILI program provided. ~ Drs. Dan and Emily Nelson

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