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Message from the Director

Welcome to our website

I feel as though I already know you.  My guess is that your life has been touched by the difficulties that arise from learning problems.  Whether you are a parent who is looking for help for your child, an adult who struggles to learn, or a professional looking for more information, this website was created with you in mind. Integrated Learning Institute has been helping struggling learners make the transition to independent learning, social awareness, and self-regulated behavior for over twenty-five years.


You are not alone with your difficulties.  Others are facing the same problems you face in your home, school, workplace, and community. You may have experienced a sense of helplessness and hopelessness that often develops over time as individuals and families are unable to find definitive answers to their questions about the causes and solutions for learning problems.  Academic concerns might be overshadowed by social and behavioral problems that seem to take on a life of their own.

In the not too distant past little information was available to the general public about learning problems.  Everyone, it seemed, was baffled by unusual learners. 


It seems currently, everyone knows what to do about helping these learners…but the information is conflicting. People look to teachers and school programs, pediatricians and counselors, tutoring services, psychologists, psychiatrists, allergists, dieticians, food supplements and medication to help support their own or their child’s learning effort.  Now that there is so much interest in the dynamics of learning and brain function, the new difficulty is not a lack of information but deciding which advice, which professional or which program will meet your needs.

Hopefully, our website will inform you of the lifelong changes that result when the foundational weaknesses that cause learning difficulties are strengthened.  Good therapy of any kind is designed to strengthen weaknesses, not merely compensate for them.

I hope you enjoy our site and that you learn how we build confidence and competence, one student at a time.



Cynthia Moses

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